MDR Ethics course

Dear MDR scientists,
MDR is organizing an Ethics training programme, specifically designed for the researchers within our community. The training will be organized by Prof. dr. Annelien Bredenoord and Anne-Floor de Kanter, MSc, MA. All information about the training can be found below. We encourage all PhD students and Postdocs within the MDR program to participate. If positions allow, we will open up this course for other PhD students and Postdocs within our institutes as well.

Training information:
Date: Thursday 1 and Thursday 8 April 2021
Time: 10.00-12.30 (+3h additional preparatory time on the first Thursday afternoon)
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Annelien Bredenoord, Anne-Floor de Kanter MSc MA

1 April: 10.00-12.30 Lecture on the ethics of Regenerative Medicine and biomaterial research explanation of the assignment
13.30-16.30 Group assignment
8 April: 10.00-12.30 Presentations by MDR participants
The aim of this training is to stimulate early-stage researchers to become aware of the ethical and societal impact of MDR research. We will acquaint you with the possible ethical implications of biomedical research, particularly in Regenerative Medicine, and pay specific attention to research with biomaterials. Additionally, we will ask you to reflect on the ethical dimensions of your own work in a group assignment.

To divide you in groups, we ask you to indicate which of the following domains apply to your work (may be multiple):
• Clinical research with human subjects
• Animal experimentation
• Research with stem cells (including organoids)
• Collaboration with industry
• Other, namely: …
(please indicate what part of your work might be ethically relevant)

As a preparation, we ask you to read the following articles:
• Jongsma, K. R., & Bredenoord, A. L. (2020). Ethics parallel research: An approach for (early) ethical guidance of biomedical innovation. BMC Medical Ethics, 21(81), 1–9.
• Bredenoord, A. L., Clevers, H., & Knoblich, J. A. (2017). Human tissues in a dish: The research and ethical implications of organoid technology. Science, 355(6322), eaaf9414.
• Vermeulen, N., Haddow, G., Seymour, T., Faulkner-Jones, A., & Shu, W. (2017). 3D bioprint me: A socioethical view of bioprinting human organs and tissues. Journal of Medical Ethics, 43(9), 618–624.

We look forward to receiving your positive responses and making good use of the MDR program and community. You an register by sending an email with the required information to before March 8th.

On behalf of the MDR board and Talent Committee,
Pamela Habibovic