Flagship 3: Regeneration of complex organ functions

Chairs: Marianne Verhaar, Clemens van Blitterswijk

3.1   Regenerating the soft tissue-to-bone interface

The goal is to obtain deeper understanding of the soft tissue-to-bone interface in terms of physico-chemical and structural properties and the relation to biomechanical function. A materials-based strategy for sustained functional regeneration will be developed.

3.2   Regenerating coordinated contraction in cardiac muscle

Injectable regenerative medicine therapies for myocardial regeneration will be designed. Specifically, we will target to enhance the endogenous contractility of cells, as well as to rebuild the cardiac extracellular matrix.

3.3   Materials-driven solutions for the regeneration of essential kidney functions 

The MDR consortium will combine extensive expertise on adult-derived organoids, material design and bioengineering to understand and control kidney organoid expansion, differentiation, maturation and 3D organization.