Transcatheter-Delivered Expandable Bioresorbable Polymeric Graft With Stenting Capacity Induces Vascular Regeneration

Duijvelshoff, Renee, Cabrera, Maria S., Sanders, Bart, Dekker, Sylvia, Smits, Anthal I.P.M., Baaijens, Frank P.T. & Bouten, Carlijn V.C.

Published: November 2020


As the next step in the translation of vascular tissue engineering, this study uniquely combines transcatheter delivery and in situ tissue regeneration using a novel bioresorbable electrospun polymer graft that can be implanted minimally invasively. Once delivered inside a small-diameter vessel, the electrospun microstructure supports the vessel wall, facilitates cellular infiltration, and guides organized tissue formation.

Full Access Link: JACC: Basic to Translational Science