SYMPHONY consortium: Orchestrating personalized treatment for patients with bleeding disorders

Marjon H. Cnossen, Iris van Moort, Simone H. Reitsma, Moniek P. M. de Maat, Roger E. G. Schutgens, Rolf T. Urbanus, Hester F. Lingsma, Ron A. A. Mathot, Samantha C. Gouw, Karina Meijer, Annelien L. Bredenoord, Rieke van der Graaf, Karin Fijnvandraat, Alexander B. Meijer, Emile van den Akker, Ruben Bierings, Jeroen C. J. Eikenboom, Maartje van den Biggelaar, Masja de Haas, Jan Voorberg, Frank W. G. Leebeek, for the SYMPHONY consortium

Published: September 2022



Treatment choices for individual patients with an inborn bleeding disorder are increasingly challenging due to increasing options and rising costs for society. We have initiated an integrated interdisciplinary national research program.


The SYMPHONY consortium strives to orchestrate personalized treatment in patients with an inborn bleeding disorder, by unraveling the mechanisms behind interindividual variations of bleeding phenotype.


The SYMPHONY consortium will investigate patients with an inborn bleeding disorder, both diagnosed and not yet diagnosed.


Research questions are categorized under the themes: (1) diagnosis, (2) treatment, and (3) fundamental research, and consist of work packages addressing specific domains. Importantly, collaborations between patients and talented researchers from different areas of expertise promise to augment the impact of the SYMPHONY consortium, leading to unique interactions and intellectual property.


SYMPHONY will perform research on all aspects of care, treatment individualization in patients with inborn bleeding disorders, as well as diagnostic innovations and results of molecular genetics and cellular model technology with regard to the hemostatic process. We believe that these research investments will lead to health-care innovations with long-term clinical and societal impact.

Full Access Link: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis