Shaping Cell Fate: Influence of Topographical Substratum Properties on Embryonic Stem Cells

Sarita Kumari, Steven Vermeulen, Ben van der Veer, Aurélie Carlier, Jan de Boer, and Deepa Subramanyam

Published: 01/08/2018


Development of multicellular organisms is a highly orchestrated process, with cells responding to factors and features present in the extracellular milieu. Changes in the surrounding environment help decide the fate of cells at various stages of development. This review highlights recent research that details the effects of mechanical properties of the surrounding environment and extracellular matrix and the underlying molecular mechanisms that regulate the behavior of embryonic stem cells (ESCs). In this study, we review the role of mechanical properties during embryogenesis and discuss the effect of engineered microtopographies on ESC pluripotency.

Full Access Link: Tissue Engineering - Part B: Reviews