Retrograde Coronary Venous Infusion as a Delivery Strategy in Regenerative Cardiac Therapy: an Overview of Preclinical and Clinical Data

Wouter A. Gathier, Dirk Jan van Ginkel,Mira van der Naald, Frebus J. van Slochteren, Pieter A. Doevendans, and Steven A. J. Chamuleau

Published: 01/06/2018


An important aspect of cell therapy in the field of cardiac disease is safe and effective delivery of cells. Commonly used delivery strategies such as intramyocardial injection and intracoronary infusion both present with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, alternative delivery routes are explored, such as retrograde coronary venous infusion (RCVI). Our aim is to evaluate safety and efficiency of RCVI by providing a complete overview of preclinical and clinical studies applying RCVI in a broad range of disease types and experimental models. Available data on technical and safety aspects of RCVI are incomplete and insufficient. Improvement of cardiac function is seen after cell delivery via RCVI. However, cell retention in the heart after RCVI appears inferior compared to intracoronary infusion and intramyocardial injection. Adequately powered confirmatory studies on retention rates and safety are needed to proceed with RCVI in the future.

Full Access Link: Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research