Regenerative Musculoskeletal Care: Ensuring Practice Implementation

Daniel B. F. Saris, Tommy S. de Windt, Lucienne A. Vonk, Aaron J. Krych, Andre Terzic

Published: 01/01/2018


The first human cartilage cell transplantation, in 1987, opened the field of regenerative musculoskeletal care. The regenerative (r)evolution has transitioned into a “technovolution” in which ingenuity and creativity enable solutions that improve quality of life. Ongoing development of regenerative strategies showcases a recognized priority in musculoskeletal care. Initial regenerative therapies are successful; treatment options remain confined to trials in specialized clinics. Thus, new cellular regenerative therapies are being introduced, but adoption in daily practice remains elusive.

Regenerative therapies are integral in advancing musculoskeletal care options. Science‐driven clinical trial experience has informed best practices while recognizing limitations in product development plans and regulatory frameworks impeding seamless adoption. Transnational collaborative efforts are needed to ensure standardization and expedited implementation of clinically ready therapies.

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