Preservation of human heart valves for replacement in children with heart valve disease: past, present and future

M. C. Peters, B. P. T. Kruithof, C. V. C. Bouten, I. K. Voets, A. van den Bogaerdt, M. J. Goumans & A. van Wijk

Published: 2023


Valvular heart disease affects 30% of the new-borns with congenital heart disease. Valve replacement of semilunar valves by mechanical, bioprosthetic or donor allograft valves is the main treatment approach. However, none of the replacements provides a viable valve that can grow and/or adapt with the growth of the child leading to re-operation throughout life. In this study, we review the impact of donor valve preservation on moving towards a more viable valve alternative for valve replacements in children or young adults.

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