Fabrication of Polymer/Graphene Biocomposites for Tissue Engineering

João Meneses, Tom van de Kemp, Raquel Costa-Almeida, Rúben Pereira, Fernão D Magalhães, Miguel Castilho, Artur M Pinto

Published: March-1 2022


Graphene-based materials (GBM) are considered one of the 21st century’s most promising materials, as they are incredibly light, strong, thin and have remarkable electrical and thermal properties. As a result, over the past decade, their combination with a diverse range of synthetic polymers has been explored in tissue engineering (TE) and regenerative medicine (RM). In addition, a wide range of methods for fabricating polymer/GBM scaffolds have been reported. This review provides an overview of the most recent advances in polymer/GBM composite development and fabrication, focusing on methods such as electrospinning and additive manufacturing (AM). As a future outlook, this work stresses the need for more in vivo studies to validate polymer/GBM composite scaffolds for TE applications, and gives insight on their fabrication by state-of-the-art processing technologies.

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