Dynamic Bioinks to Advance Bioprinting

Francis L. C. Morgan, Lorenzo Moroni, Matthew B. Baker

Published: 01/01/2020


The development of bioinks for bioprinting of cell-laden constructs remains a challenge for tissue engineering, despite vigorous investigation. Hydrogels to be used as bioinks must fulfill a demanding list of requirements, mainly focused around printability and cell function. Recent advances in the use of supramolecular and dynamic covalent chemistry (DCvC) provide paths forward to develop bioinks. These dynamic hydrogels enable tailorability, higher printing performance, and the creation of more life-like environments for ultimate tissue maturation. This review focuses on the exploration and benefits of dynamically cross-linked bioinks for bioprinting, highlighting recent advances, benefits, and challenges in this emerging area. By incorporating internal dynamics, many benefits can be imparted to the material, providing design elements for next generation bioinks.

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