Dutch nOcturnal and hoME dialysis Study to Improve Clinical Outcomes (DOMESTICO): Rationale and design

A. C. Abrahams, B. C. van Jaarsveld, F. W. Dekker, A. van Eck van der Sluijs, A. A. Bonenkamp, M. C. Verhaar, F. J. van Ittersum, J. A. J. Bart, M. H. Hemmelder, E. L. Penne, D. G. Struijk, A. Özyilmaz, M. M. Versteegh, L. Hakkaart-van Roijen, G. A. de Wit, F. T. Boereboom, T. A. Kanters, G. de Graaf, P. Leurs, M. R. Korte, A. M. Schrander, T. T. Cnossen, J. Lips, H. P. Krepel, M. A. G. J. ten Dam, C. J. A. M. Konings, C. J. Doorenbos, A. Lips, F. T. J. Boereboom, S. van Esch, C. R. Susanto, G. F. van Breda, E. J. Hoorn, D. Severs, A. H. Boonstra, R. W. Nette, Y. M. Vermeeren, D. H. T. Ijpelaar, H. D. Thang, N. H. Hommes, M. van Buren, J. M. Hofstra, S. H. A. Diepeveen, E. K. Hoogeveen, T. Cornelis, S. Boorsma, J. I. Rotmans, A. M. van Alphen, F. van der Sande, E. J. R. Litjens, W. M. T. Janssen, A. Kuijper, C. H. Beerenhout, H. S. Brink, R. Wijering, R. J. Bosma, C. W. H. de Fijter, H. F. H. Brulez, H. W. van Hamersvelt, S. J. Huisman, M. P. Kooistra, J. C. Verhave, G. van Kempen, H. Klein, C. E. Douma, H. H. Vincent, W. J. W. Bos, J. D. Snoep, J. Mulder, C. F. M. Franssen, A. J. Luik, R. J. L. Klaassen, A. G. Weenink & M. M. E. Krekels

Published: 18 September 2019



More than 6200 End Stage Renal Disease patients in the Netherlands are dependent on dialysis, either performed at home or in a dialysis centre. Visiting a dialysis centre three times a week is considered a large burden by many patients. However, recent data regarding the effects of dialysis at home on quality of life, clinical outcomes, and costs compared with in-centre haemodialysis are lacking.


The Dutch nOcturnal and hoME dialysis Study To Improve Clinical Outcomes (DOMESTICO) is a nationwide, prospective, observational cohort study that will include adult patients starting with a form of dialysis. Health-related quality of life, as the primary outcome, clinical outcomes and costs, as secondary outcomes, will be measured every 3–6 months in patients on home dialysis, and compared with a control group consisting of in-centre haemodialysis patients. During a 3-year period 800 home dialysis patients (600 peritoneal dialysis and 200 home haemodialysis patients) and a comparison group of 800 in-centre haemodialysis patients will be included from 53 Dutch dialysis centres (covering 96% of Dutch centres) and 1 Belgian dialysis centre (covering 4% of Flemish centres).


DOMESTICO will prospectively investigate the effect of home dialysis therapies on health-related quality of life, clinical outcomes and costs, in comparison with in-centre haemodialysis. The findings of this study are expected to ameliorate the shared decision-making process and give more guidance to healthcare professionals, in particular to assess which type of patients may benefit most from home dialysis.

Trial registration

The DOMESTICO study is registered with the National Trial Register on (number: NL6519, date of registration: 22 August 2017) and the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO) (number: NL63277.029.17).

Full Access Link: BMC Nephrology