DNA-Mediated Protein Shuttling between Coacervate-Based Artificial Cells

Dr. Tsuyoshi Mashima, Marleen H. M. E. van Stevendaal, Femke R. A. Cornelissens, Dr. Alexander F. Mason, Dr. Bas J. H. M. Rosier, Wiggert J. Altenburg, Dr. Koji Oohora, Dr. Shota Hirayama, Dr. Takashi Hayashi, Dr. Jan C. M. van Hest, Dr. Luc Brunsveld

Published: 2022


Proteins can be sequestered and released from artificial cells by attachment of DNA strands and using DNA strand displacement reactions. The DNA elements use a combined regulation mechanism of electrostatic interactions and specific sequence recognition. This provides control over rate of protein release, amount of protein released, and the multiplexity of release.

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