Controlled Release of RNAi Molecules by Tunable Supramolecular Hydrogel Carriers

Maarten H. Bakker, Eva van Rooij, Patricia Y. W. Dankers

Published: 16/11/2018


Local, sustained release and presentation of RNAi therapeutics can be achieved with hydrogel delivery systems. Here we show the development of a supramolecular hydrogel into a local RNAi delivery system. By careful material design, two simple but effective strategies are introduced to obtain controlled release of two classes of RNAi therapeutics, that is, microRNA and antimiR. It was shown that the release of microRNA could be regulated using cholesterol-modification for interaction with the supramolecular hydrogel. Non-modified antimiR release could be controlled via supramolecular introduction of positively charged additive molecules into the supramolecular hydrogel. In this way, either the cholesterol-modification on the drug or the charge introduction into the hydrogel provides handles for controlled RNAi therapy.

Full Access Link: Chemistry - An Asian Journal