Clinically established biodegradable long acting injectables: An industry perspective

Nkanga, Christian Isalomboto, Fisch, Andreas, Rad-Malekshahi, Mazda, Romic, Marieta Duvnjak, Kittel, Birgit, Ullrich, Thomas, Wang, Jing, Krause, Rui Werner Maçedo, Adler, Sabine, Lammers, Twan, Hennink, Wim E. & Ramazani, Farshad

Published: December 2020


Long acting injectable formulations have been developed to sustain the action of drugs in the body over desired periods of time. These delivery platforms have been utilized for both systemic and local drug delivery applications. This review gives an overview of long acting injectable systems that are currently in clinical use. These products are categorized in three different groups: biodegradable polymeric systems, including microparticles and implants; micro and nanocrystal suspensions and oil-based formulations. Furthermore, the applications of these drug delivery platforms for the management of various chronic diseases are summarized. Finally, this review addresses industrial challenges regarding the development of long acting injectable formulations.

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