A Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Study Reveals Cellular and Molecular Dynamics of the Hippocampal Neurogenic Niche

Artegiani, Benedetta, Lyubimova, Anna, Muraro, Mauro, van Es, Johan H., van Oudenaarden, Alexander & Clevers, Hans

Published: 12/12/2017

Summary Adult neurogenesis in the murine dentate gyrus occurs in a specialized microenvironment that sustains the generation of neurons during life. To fully understand adult neurogenesis, it is essential to determine the neural stem cell (NSC) and progenitor developmental stages, their molecular determinants, and the niche cellular and molecular composition. We report on a single-cell RNA sequencing study of the hippocampal niche, performed by isolating all the non-neuronal cell populations. Our analysis provides a comprehensive description of the dentate gyrus cells, and it allows the identification of exclusive cell-type-specific markers. We define the developmental stages and transcriptional dynamics of NSCs and progenitors, and we find that, while NSCs represent a heterogeneous cellular continuum, progenitors can be grouped into distinct subtypes. We determine the oligodendrocyte lineage and transcriptional dynamics, and we describe the microglia transcriptional profile and activation state. The combined data constitute a valuable resource to understand regulatory mechanisms of adult neurogenesis.

Full Access Link: Cell Reports