A path to translation: How 3D patient tumor avatars enable next generation precision oncology

Shree Bose, Margarida Barroso, Milan G Chheda, Hans Clevers, Elena Elez, Salma Kaochar, Scott E Kopetz, Xiao-Nan Li, Funda Meric-Bernstam, Clifford A Meyer, Haiwei Mou, Kristen M Naegle, Martin F Pera, Zinaida Perova, Katerina A Politi, Benjamin J Raphael, Paul Robson, Rosalie C Sears, Josep Tabernero, David A Tuveson, Alana L Welm, Bryan E Welm, Christopher D Willey, Konstantin Salnikow, Jeffrey H Chuang, Xiling Shen

Published: 12 December 2022


3D patient tumor avatars (3D-PTAs) hold promise for next-generation precision medicine. Here, we describe the benefits and challenges of 3D-PTA technologies and necessary future steps to realize their potential for clinical decision making. 3D-PTAs require standardization criteria and prospective trials to establish clinical benefits. Innovative trial designs that combine omics and 3D-PTA readouts may lead to more accurate clinical predictors, and an integrated platform that combines diagnostic and therapeutic development will accelerate new treatments for patients with refractory disease.

Full Access Link: Cancer Cell