Andrei Hrynevich 

Project description Anatomical and physiological complexity of the living tissue sets tight requirements for the fabrication technologies which are used for the manufacturing of the artificial tissue and organ constructs, intended for implantation of uses as disease models. Moreover, it is the variety of materials and structural elements requires application of multiple technologies in the […]

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Milica Nikolic

Project description Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine that is developing intensively during the recent years, since it can be used for curing of diseases by improvement and regeneration of damaged cells, tissues and organs. Researchers are working on generation of the cells, tissues platforms and artificial organs that can be used for experiments. […]

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Daniel Krueger

Project description Organoid technology provides an unprecedented platform to study intestinal homeostasis circumventing many limitations of in vivo models. Intestinal organoids self-organize into morphologies that resemble the architecture of intestinal epithelium in remarkable detail and are amendable to deep molecular and functional analyses. Most homeostatic processes are faithfully recapitulated in intestinal organoids and thus provide […]

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Darragh Crosbie

Project description Cells sense their environment and react to environmental stimuli to proliferate, differentiate, or produce ECM. All of these processes are important in the context of tissue regeneration, where the material should drive the cellular response that regenerates tissue. Within MDR, I am interested in how stem cells respond to biomaterials and how these […]

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Yonggang Zhang

Project description   In the past decades, extensive research efforts have been expended in the fields of materials science and scaffolding technologies, however, developing synthetic bone graft substitutes that are both load-bearing and highly bioactive remains a challenge. Polylactide (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCL) have received increasing attention due to their biodegradability and biocompatibility and both […]

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