PhD student

Moniek Schmitz

Project description Biomaterial-associated infections (BAI) are a major problem in modern medicine. In the field of regenerative medicine, BAI is an even bigger threat since biomaterials for in situ regeneration possess fiber-like, porous morphologies which serve as ideal niche for bacteria. Upon implantation, bacteria and tissue cells compete for the biomaterial surface. Colonization of biofilm-forming […]

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Jay Samal

Project description Recapitulating kidney function in vitro by re-engineering kidney organoids Although kidney organoids have been extensively applied for studying development of both normal and diseased states of the human kidney, most current kidney organoid models do not completely recapitulate kidney functions in vitro, with generation of higher order structures involving multiple parts of native […]

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Ranganath Maringanti

Development of functional vasculature and inducing atherosclerosis-on-a-chip. Current vascular research is focusing on understanding physiological and pathological processes  for therapeutic purposes and regenerative applications. A broad variety of in vitro approaches have been developed during the past years for studying fundamental and disease conditions. However, these set-ups generally either or both lack vascular geometries and/or […]

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Elana Meijer

Project description Well-functioning vascular access is the fundament of carrying out efficient hemodialysis in CKD patients. Since it’s still the major cause of morbidity and high costs in those patients, there’s a need for improved techniques to provide vascular access during treatment. In this project, we aim to create a blood-vessel like structure using elektrospun […]

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Anne-Floor de Kanter

Project description In this project, we will explore the ethical aspects of intelligent, life-like materials, and look into the ethical questions that arise in the fields of biomaterial science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. To map the field, we will start out with a systematic literature review of the ethical implications of tissue engineering for […]

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Jasper Aarts

Project description Functional biomaterials are often used in new medical treatment strategies and particularly, research towards synthetic ECM mimics has gained great interest. However, small changes in material composition could lead to much more pronounced differences in material properties. Therefore, automatization of biomaterial screening may be a remunerative approach. The aim of this work is […]

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