Suzanne Koch

Dr. Suzanne Koch took over part of the program management tasks (mainly outreach and organizational tasks) for the MDR gravitation […]

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Nino Chirico

Project description With a background in biomaterials and biomedical engineering, Nino is interested in identifying the relationship between extracellular matrix […]

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Milica Nikolic

Project description Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine that is developing intensively during the recent years, since it can […]

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Moniek Schmitz

Went to: Smart Biomaterials Consortium (SBMC) Project description Biomaterial-associated infections (BAI) are a major problem in modern medicine. In the […]

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Elana Meijer

Project description Well-functioning vascular access is the fundament of carrying out efficient hemodialysis in CKD patients. Since it’s still the […]

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