Giulia Morgese

Project description   Nature is intrinsically dynamic and mimicking this unique feature of natural systems has been extremely challenging for researchers. Due to their weak, non-covalent and self-remodeling character, supramolecular materials are among the most promising candidates to achieve this goal. Nevertheless, their application in the biomaterial field is still limited by the lack of […]

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Florian Barré

Project description   The aim of my project is to integrate Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) to understand the biomolecular environment and dynamism at the biomaterial-tissue interface with a focus on bone regeneration. MSI is a unique interdisciplinary label-free technique that combines physics and chemistry to analyze the molecular composition of any biological sample. This technique […]

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Silvia Varela Aramburu

Project description   Nature-inspired assemblies are a fascinating class of materials, which is attracting a large number of research groups in the world. The creation of an artificial extracellular matrix (ECM) for stem cell growth and expansion has recently become an intriguing topic. Nevertheless, this has not been accomplished yet due to the lack of […]

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