Nino Chirico


Project description

With a background in biomaterials and biomedical engineering, Nino is interested in identifying the relationship between extracellular matrix and cardiac cells. In 2019, he was awarded the Marie Curie PhD fellow at the University Medical Center Utrecht within the RESCUE program under the supervision of Prof. Sluijter and Asst. Prof. van Mil. Nino is now working on increasing complexity of cardiac tissue engineered constructs by tuning ECM-cell interaction and mimicking native-like cellular composition. The aim is to harness this knowledge and develop advanced 3D in vitro models, and new cardiac tissue engineering constructs.

Techniques: iPSC-technology, cells phenotype and maturation, hydrogel characterization, biomaterial, and 3D cell culture
Keywords: cardiac tissue engineering, biomaterials, cardiac regeneration, bioengineering