Madison Ainsworth


Project description


Madison started her PhD in February, 2019 as part of the RESCUE cofund program at the University Medical Center, Utrecht. She is supervised by Professor Jos Malda and Assistant Professor Miguel Castilho. Madison’s project focuses on the convergence of biofabrication technologies to better recapitulate the structures and mechanical properties of the desired target tissue, whether that be articular cartilage, bone or the myocardium of the heart. Additionally, Madison looks at how such technologies can be used to scale up tissue-engineered constructs while considering nutrient supply and in vivo tissue integration.


Techniques: melt electrowriting, extrusion-based bioprinting, fused deposition modelling, 3D cell culture


Keywords: biofabrication, cartilage tissue engineering, myocardial tissue engineering, biomaterials, musculoskeletal regeneration