Joost Wijnakker

PhD student

Project description

Epithelial organoids self-organize from one single stem cell into morphologies to mimic multiple characteristics of real organs. This multicellular model provides an unique platform to study tissue homeostasis, development and disease. Because of these benefits this model emerges as a powerful tool in many different research disciplines like pharmacy, veterinary and regenerative medicines. However, to open doors for new researchers and make steps in the organoid field it is important to make organoid culture methods as simple as possible. Current methods are complicated as it depends on animal-derived 3D matrix gels were the organoids are grown in. These matrices are complex, feature variable compositions and pose risks for transplantation. Therefore, synthesis of a new hydrogel for organoid culture is extremely important. Using biological materials and activating antibodies to stimulate adhesion of epithelial cells to the hydrogel, I aim to synthesize a simplified hydrogel to replace the current 3D matrices.


Techniques: Organoid culture, Westernblot, PCR, pre-RDL cloning, microscopy
Keywords: Epithelial organoids, 3D matrices, Hydrogel, Antibodies