Esra Güben Kaçmaz

PhD student

Project description

In this project, the aim is to generate three-dimensional bone-like spheroids that recapitulate the biological and structural aspects of native bone tissue through cell-guided assembly of designer microparticles as matrix-mimicking building blocks. The ultimate aim of this bottom-up tissue engineering is to create a novel biomaterials-based treatment for repairing defected bone tissue. To do that, collagen microparticles are designed with different shapes and sizes. With the mineralization of microparticles, structures that are biocompatible with natural bone tissue will be obtained.

Keywords: Collagen, Mineralization, Microparticles, Spheroids, Bone, Bottom-up tissue engineering
Techniques: Micromolding, microfluidics, patterning, UV crosslinking, FTIR, profilometer, cell culture, staining, imaging (SEM, Fluorescent, Confocal)