Andrei Hrynevich 


Project description

Anatomical and physiological complexity of the living tissue sets tight requirements for the fabrication technologies which are used for the manufacturing of the artificial tissue and organ constructs, intended for implantation of uses as disease models. Moreover, it is the variety of materials and structural elements requires application of multiple technologies in the fabrication of a single construct. In the group of Prof. Malda I am involved in development and converging of Melt electrowriting with other 3D printing techniques for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal applications and, along with that, will contribute to the MDR enabling technologies platform, that would allow researchers from the different groups efficiently make use of each other’s facilities and knowledge and promote the collaboration between the research groups and institutions.

Keywords: Melt electrowriting, Bioprinting, Biofabrication
Techniques: Melt electrowriting, Hydrogel printing, SEM, DMA, Cell culture