Biomaterials meet transcriptomics: the cBiT database

cBiT is the first repository that offers biomaterial-based transcriptomics data together with all relevant biomaterial metadata. cBiT was an initiative of the de Boer lab when still at the Merln Institute in Maastricht,  and now at the department of BME at TU/e. 

Prof. Jan de Boer leads a team of researchers who want to discover what happens in the cell when it interacts with a biomaterial and which factors influence this behavior. To advance their knowledge they use an interdisciplinary approach encompassing cell biology (transcriptomics), materials science and computational sciences.

It is their goal to expand cBiT with new biomaterial transcriptomics data, generated not only in the Netherlands but also in institutions all over the world. They invite researchers to contribute to cBiT by either depositing their own data or providing biomaterials that have clinical potential which de Boer’s group will proceed to investigate and incorporate into cBiT.

Find more information about cBiT here.