Biomaterials meet transcriptomics: the cBiT database

Researchers at the MERLN Institute for Regenerative Medicine recently launched the Compendium for Biomaterial Transcriptomics (cBiT), a new worldwide research database for biomaterial-based trancriptomics studies. At MERLN, Prof. Jan de Boer leads a team of researchers who want to discover what happens in the cell when it interacts with a biomaterial and which factors influence […]

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Sandra Hofmann receives NWO Vidi grant

Dr. Sandra Hofmann (TU/e) was awarded a Vidi grant for her proposal on ‘A miniature bone model’. In this project the aim is to develop miniature bones from human cells in the laboratory. The tissues will be used to study bone turnover in healthy and diseased bone in order to ultimately develop specific drug therapies. […]

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MDR researchers publish perspective article on Material-Based tissue engineering

Carlijn Bouten (TU/e) and coworkers published a perspective in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. The article entitled ‘Can We Grow Valves Inside the Heart? Perspective on Material-based In Situ Heart Valve Tissue Engineering’ discusses recent advances of material-based in situ heart valve tissue engineering and highlights the most critical issues that remain before clinical application can be expected. […]

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Bert Meijer awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Bert Meijer (TU/e) has received an ERC Advanced Grant of 2.5 M€ to work on the Synthesis of Functional Multi-Component Supramolecular Systems and Materials. A list of awardees in the area Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE) can be found here.

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Nico Sommerdijk awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Nico Sommerdijk (TU/e) has received an ERC Advanced Grant of 3.5 M€ to work on ‘A Google Earth Approach to Understanding Collagen Mineralization’.  A list of awardees in the area Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE) can be found here.

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MDR kick-off symposium February 2nd 2018

On Thursday and Friday February 1-2 2018 the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS, TU/e) organizes their annual Outreach Symposium. The program of the first day will focus on the design of next generation polymer materials whereas the second day focuses on the kick-off of our new Gravitation Program on Materials-Driven Regeneration. Please check the […]

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