Eline van Haaften, successfully defended her PhD thesis: ‘On the impact of the mechanical environment in vascular tissue engineering: an in vitro study.’

On the October 1st, Eline van Haaften successfully defended her PhD thesis which was focussed on Materials-Driven Regeneration reseach and was supervised by Carlijn Bouten and Nicholas Kurniawan. The title of her project was: ‘On the impact of the mechanical environment in vascular tissue engineering: an in vitro study.’ She received her PhD degree cum […]

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ERC Grant for Dr. Nicholas Kurniawan

Nicholas Kurniawan (TU/e) was awarded with an ERC Starting Grant of up to 1.5 M Euro. Nicholas and his team will work on dissecting the dynamics of the physical interactions between cells and the extracellular matrix. They will develop ways to mechanically manipulate cell behavior using dynamic substrates and materials. The outlook is to temporally control cell response […]

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Prof. Jos Malda and coworkers published in Nature Reviews Rheumatology

Prof. Jos Malda and coworkers publish on a new way of thinking about the regeneration of articular cartilage. Cartilage has a limited healing capacity; however, studies into the basic biological characteristics, formation and structural maintenance of the cartilage collagen network are providing explanations for the failure of current therapeutic approaches, urging us to rethink our […]

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Innovation award for Prof. Patricia Dankers

Prof. Patricia Dankers was awarded the Innovation award of the Journal of Polymer Science                                                      The Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award has been granted to researchers working in areas […]

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Winners of the Young Talent grants 2019

We are happy to announce the projects selected for funding under the Young Talent programme of MDR in 2019. In the call for PhD candidates and postdocs: “Shrinkable 3D printed hydrogel constructs to replicate vascularized proximal kidney tubules” by Anne Metje van Genderen and Carl Schuurmans, University of Utrecht “Artificial tissues from 3D-printed coacervate protocells” […]

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