Joost Wijnakker

Project description Epithelial organoids self-organize from one single stem cell into morphologies to mimic multiple characteristics of real organs. This […]

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Nino Chirico

Project description With a background in biomaterials and biomedical engineering, Nino is interested in identifying the relationship between extracellular matrix […]

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Andrei Hrynevich 

Project description Anatomical and physiological complexity of the living tissue sets tight requirements for the fabrication technologies which are used […]

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Daniel Krueger

Project description Organoid technology provides an unprecedented platform to study intestinal homeostasis circumventing many limitations of in vivo models. Intestinal […]

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Ranganath Maringanti

Development of functional vasculature and inducing atherosclerosis-on-a-chip. Current vascular research is focusing on understanding physiological and pathological processes  for therapeutic […]

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