Ranganath Maringanti

Development of functional vasculature and inducing atherosclerosis-on-a-chip. Current vascular research is focusing on understanding physiological and pathological processes  for therapeutic purposes and regenerative applications. A broad variety of in vitro approaches have been developed during the past years for studying fundamental and disease conditions. However, these set-ups generally either or both lack vascular geometries and/or […]

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Elana Meijer

Project description Well-functioning vascular access is the fundament of carrying out efficient hemodialysis in CKD patients. Since it’s still the major cause of morbidity and high costs in those patients, there’s a need for improved techniques to provide vascular access during treatment. In this project, we aim to create a blood-vessel like structure using elektrospun […]

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Anne-Floor de Kanter

Project description In this project, we will explore the ethical aspects of intelligent, life-like materials, and look into the ethical questions that arise in the fields of biomaterial science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. To map the field, we will start out with a systematic literature review of the ethical implications of tissue engineering for […]

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Ijsbrand Vermue

Project description The aim of this work is to develop and enhance electrospun scaffolds for an in vitro model of the nephron, using iPSCs and adult stem cells-derived vascular organoids. Furthermore, new 3D printing techniques will be developed to allow guided fractal branching of macro vessels to recreate the connections to the capillary bed of […]

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Merle Maas-Krebber

Project description Ideally, tissue injury gets resolved quickly and effectively; wound healing and repair succeed the acute inflammatory phase and tissue function is restored. However, the outcome after tissue injury is dependent on multiple factors including the tissue location, the internal milieu of the host such as reno-cardiovascular disease and age. When the response to […]

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