Liline Fermin

Project description: Biomaterials have a range of material properties, which can all influence the bioactivity (stiffness, porosity, topography). In bone […]

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Saskia Ludwig

Project description Saskia joined MERLN in October 2021 as a research technician. She is part of the Instructive Biomaterial Engineering […]

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Steven Vermeulen

Project description Calcification, defined as mineral formation in tissue matrix, is one of the leading mechanisms in the homeostasis of […]

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Jay Samal

Project description Recapitulating kidney function in vitro by re-engineering kidney organoids Although kidney organoids have been extensively applied for studying […]

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Lei He

Project description The aim of this project is to combine bioceramic-based nanoparticles and 3-dimensional porous scaffolds to create a composite […]

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