Jay Samal

Project description Recapitulating kidney function in vitro by re-engineering kidney organoids Although kidney organoids have been extensively applied for studying development of both normal and diseased states of the human kidney, most current kidney organoid models do not completely recapitulate kidney functions in vitro, with generation of higher order structures involving multiple parts of native […]

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Lei He

Project description The aim of this project is to combine bioceramic-based nanoparticles and 3-dimensional porous scaffolds to create a composite with bifunctional effects including anti-cancer and bone tissue regeneration for curing bone defects caused by tumor tissues. Bone, unfortunately, due to its special microenvironment, can be induced to cause tumor mutation (primary bone tumor) and […]

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Zeynep Karagöz

Project description   Biomaterial properties are mainly manipulated at single level of hierarchy unlike the multi-leveled nature of cell functions, tissue homeostasis and regeneration. This project aims at a strategy for material design that will allow scientists to control material properties to meet the dynamic needs of tissues in the process of regeneration. By using […]

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Martijn Kern

Project description   The adult mammalian kidney is a complex, paired organ containing up to a million nephrons draining into the collecting duct system. These functional units are responsible for blood filtration and maintenance of electrolyte and fluid homeostasis. The important interaction between collecting duct and nephrons goes all the way back to their developmental […]

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