Milica Nikolic

Project description Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine that is developing intensively during the recent years, since it can be used for curing of diseases by improvement and regeneration of damaged cells, tissues and organs. Researchers are working on generation of the cells, tissues platforms and artificial organs that can be used for experiments. […]

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Moniek Schmitz

Project description Biomaterial-associated infections (BAI) are a major problem in modern medicine. In the field of regenerative medicine, BAI is an even bigger threat since biomaterials for in situ regeneration possess fiber-like, porous morphologies which serve as ideal niche for bacteria. Upon implantation, bacteria and tissue cells compete for the biomaterial surface. Colonization of biofilm-forming […]

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Jasper Aarts

Project description Functional biomaterials are often used in new medical treatment strategies and particularly, research towards synthetic ECM mimics has gained great interest. However, small changes in material composition could lead to much more pronounced differences in material properties. Therefore, automatization of biomaterial screening may be a remunerative approach. The aim of this work is […]

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Laura Rijns

Project description The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a dynamic, multicomponent network that provides both structural support and biochemical information to epithelial cells during kidney development. To better understand the role of ECM ligands towards their receptors, Matrigel is traditionally used as the state-of-the-art basement membrane for cell culturing. However, Matrigel lacks the ability to uncouple […]

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Giulia Morgese

Project description   Nature is intrinsically dynamic and mimicking this unique feature of natural systems has been extremely challenging for researchers. Due to their weak, non-covalent and self-remodeling character, supramolecular materials are among the most promising candidates to achieve this goal. Nevertheless, their application in the biomaterial field is still limited by the lack of […]

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