Webinar: Bioinspired in vitro mucus models for drug screening & regenerative medicine

University Utrecht organizes a webinar from Daniela Pacheco, PhD on: in vitro mucus models.

Date and Time
Tuesday, 8th December, 2020
10:00 AM – 11:00 PM CET

Registration: link.

Daniela Pacheco recently obtained a PhD in materials engineering from Politecnico di Milano in Italy, in which she engineered innovative airway mucus models that recreate human microbiota in vitro. The technology has since then been exploited to produce in vitro models of gut, stomach and cervicovaginal human mucus. These in vitro models can be exploited by Pharma, Biotech and Research institutes to boost the development of new food integrators (e.g. prebiotics, probiotics, nutraceuticals, among others) and antibiotics to tackle neurological, cardiovascular, immunological, psychological diseases and antimicrobial-resistant infections.