MDR Colloquium – July

During the MDR Colloquium MDR researchers will share their latest findings and outcomes to the rest of the consortium and ISAB members. Every month one junior and one senior researcher will take the floor to show their work and get feedback. You can find the complete program here.
You can join the meeting via the Outlook invitation you received.

In July the MDR Colloquium will take place on the 7th at 16:00h (CET), see the invitation here.


Martijn KernMERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine – “3D in vitro models for kidney morphogenesis”

Martijn completed his BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente. While initially determined to go into the field of prosthesis development, during his bachelor he discovered his affinity for biology, chemistry and tissue regeneration. He worked on improving spheroid imaging using a tissue clearing technique and performed more fundamental research into macromolecular crowding in 3D stem cell culture. In August 2019, he started his PhD at the IBE division of MERLN as part of the Materials-Driven Regeneration team.

Prof. Joost Sluijter – University Medical Center Utrecht – “Advancing therapeutics for myocardial repair- how to move forward?”

Joost Sluijter is Professor of Cellular and Translational Cardiology and got his PhD in 2004 at the University Utrecht on “Collagen turnover in arterial disease”. After being a postdoctoral research fellow at Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI), he returned to the University Medical Centre Utrecht (the Netherlands) in 2006.  The Sluijter lab is a multi-disciplinary research team that focuses on stimulating cardiac repair upon myocardial damage. With technologies, ranging from molecular insights, advanced multi-cellular cell models, and clinically relevant animal models, they try to understand the pathophysiologic mechanisms, enhance delivery technologies and stimulate the heart towards a more regenerative state.

Moderator: Marloes van Mourik