MDR Colloquium January 2024

The MDR January colloquium 2024 will be held on Wednesday January 17th at 4:00 pm (CET), online via TEAMS. We welcome all scientists from the MDR-affiliated institutes (MERLN, ICMS, RMU). Please join via the MS Team link you received. 

During this colloquium we will have 2 speakers:

Dr. Debby Gawlitta University Medical Center Utrecht – “Engineering the Vascular Tree”

Dr. Debby Gawlitta is an associate Professor working on maxillofacial tissue regeneration, particularly focusing on bone regeneration. She is inspired by the natural mechanisms of the body for bone development and repair that she aims to adopt in her regenerative strategies. Translation of the regenerative strategies to clinical practice is driving current research. Consequently, she aims to mimic the process of endochondral bone regeneration (via a cartilage intermediate – such as seen in the growth plate) to ultimately restore defects in patients. Furthermore, her group is focusing on vascularization strategies for bone regeneration to be able to create engineered bone tissue that is large enough to treat patient defects.

Dr. Sarah Pragnere– Eindhoven University of Technology – “A bottom-up Tissue Engineering Approach to Control Tissue Micro-structure 

Dr. Sarah Pragnere obtained her PhD in France, from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, in collaboration with the 3dFAB platform at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. She developed bioprinted cell culture models to monitor the mechanical properties of the extracellular matrix, with an emphasis on bone matrix.  She is now a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Nicholas Kurniawan where she studies the interactions of cells and their surrounding matrix in 3D models, with a focus on the mechanical properties of the matrix. 

Moderator: Claudia Zacchini