MDR Colloquium December 2022

During the MDR Colloquium MDR researchers will share their latest findings and outcomes to the rest of the consortium and ISAB members. Every month one junior and one senior researcher will take the floor to show their work and get feedback.

You can join the meeting via the Outlook invitation you received.

In December the MDR Colloquium will take place on the 14th at 16:00h (CET).

During this colloquium we will host 2 MDR researchers:

  • Liline Fermin – MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine – “Unravelling the role of biomaterial properties in orchestrating the osteoimmunological and osteoclastogenic events during biomaterials-driven bone regeneration” 

Liline is a second-year PhD student at the MERLN institute in Maastricht. She did her bachelor’s at the Maastricht Science programme, where she focused on biology and material engineering. She did her bachelor thesis on the effect of osteoclast extracellular vesicles on osteoblasts, and won the Darwin thesis award at the National Biology Students Conference in 2019. Afterwards, she went on to obtain her masters at Utrecht University in Regenerative Medicine and Technology, where she continued her specialization combining materials with biology. She was able to gain more lab experience through two internships, one focusing on the development of a supramolecular double network hydrogel for cartilage regeneration under supervision of Dr. Tina Vermonden, and another studying the effect collagen overglycosylation on mineralization in under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nico Sommerdijk.

Now she is doing her PhD under supervision of Dr. Niloofar Tahmasebi and Professor. Dr. Pamela Habibovic, where she wants to uncover the effect of topographies on osteoclasts and immune cells, to further understand the phenomenon of biomaterial-induced osteoinduction.

  • Dr. Silvia Mihăilă – Utrecht University – “The INs and OUTs of the renal proximal tubule””

Silvia Mihăilă obtained her bachelor degree in chemistry and physics in Romania. She then pursued her PhD degree at the University of Minho (3Bs Research Group, Portugal) under the prestigious MIT-Portugal Program focusing on TE strategies for bone vascularization (2015). After that, she continued her academic trajectory as a Marie Curie postdoc fellow at the Department of Urology of Radboud UMC (Nijmegen, NL) where she used synthetic biomimetic matrix to stir the (osteogenic) differentiation potential of stem cells. In 2017, she moved to UMC Utrecht to embark in a project related to the development of a bioartificial kidney unit based on bioengineered hollow membranes. Since March 2021, Silvia is an assistant professor of in vitro models of disease at the Department of Pharmacology of Utrecht University. Her work aims to develop humanized in vitro models to replicate pathological complications associated with kidney injury failure in the pursuit of unraveling mechanisms of disease and potential therapeutic targets.

Please find here the invitation for the MDR Colloquium of December.

MDR colloquium poster December 2022