MDR Colloquium April

During the MDR Colloquium MDR researchers will share their latest findings and outcomes to the rest of the consortium and ISAB members. Every month one junior and one senior researcher will take the floor to show their work and get feedback.

You can join the meeting via the Outlook invitation you received.

In April the MDR Colloquium will take place on the 13th at 16:00h (CET).

During this colloquium we will host 2 MDR researchers:

  • Carla Pou Casellas – University Medical Center Utrecht / Hubrecht Institue – “Improving Expansion and Differentiation of Kidney Tubuloids” 

Carla is originally from Catalonia. She moved to the Netherlands to obtain a BSc degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Utrecht University (UU). Afterwards, she got an MSc degree in Drug Innovation, also at UU. She carried out her master’s internships at Roos Masereeuw’s lab (Pharmacology Department, UU) and at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH). After obtaining the MSc degree, she started her PhD at UMCU/Hubrecht Institute.

  • Dr. Sabine van Rijt – MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine – “Inorganic nanoparticles for the development of new generations of biomaterials”

Sabine van Rijt is an assistant professor at the MERLN institute of technology inspired regenerative medicine at Maastricht University, working in the field of nanomaterials for tissue regeneration. In this position she aims to develop new types of responsive nanomaterials that can induce tissue regeneration, and allow (simultaneous) cell and tissue tracking. In the past years, together with her team, she developed cell imaging probes by modular design of nanoparticles and are currently developing these nanoparticles further within several consortia to improve our understanding of stem cell mediated tissue regeneration. Specifically, within a ZonMW TOP grant (VISION, granted in 2017) together with clinical partners, she is investigating limbal stem cell distribution over cornea to elucidate stem cell mediated corneal regeneration. As co-applicant in two EU grants PREMSTEM and JOINTPROMISE (both granted in 2019) she uses nanoparticles to study stem cell distribution and mechanism of action in 3D cell cultures and in vivo models. Next to cell imaging, together with her team, she used nanoparticles as building blocks to develop 2D and 3D materials for tissue regeneration applications, such as instructive coatings and responsive composite materials as part of the NWO gravitation consortium “materials driven regeneration” ( She has a large international scientific network and is active in several societies including NBTE, ESB and TERMIS. Next to leading her research group she also teaches and coordinates several courses in regenerative medicine and is curriculum committee member of the biomedical sciences master, in the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Science of Maastricht University. She has recently been elected chair of the faculty PhD committee for a term of 3 years.

Please find here the invitation for the MDR Colloquium of April.