MDR Annual Meeting 2019

Thursday December 5th, 2019

The MDR Annual Meeting brings together faculty, PhD students, postdocs and technicians working in the participating groups of the MDR Research Center to share the latest developments and breakthroughs of their research. The aim of this event is to stimulate discussion and interaction between members of the MDR groups, with the intention to further strengthen the collaborations and joined efforts leading to outstanding research.

Program MDR Annual Meeting – Thursday December 5th, 2019

Venue: Theater aan de Parade, Parade 23, 5211 KL ‘s-Hertogenbosch

From 09:00    Registration, coffee and tea, install poster

9:30-9:35        Opening and general introduction by Carlijn Bouten

9:35-11:30       Session 1
Moderated by Tom de Greef

9:35-9:55        Roos Masereeuw – RMU
                           “Bioengineered kidney tubules for studying renal clearance and as functional unit for a renal assist device”

9:55-10:15       Carl Schuurmans – RMU
                          “Complexation-induced volumetric shrinking of 3D printed hydrogels”

10:15-10:35     Patricia Dankers – TU/e
                           “Supramolecular materials for the kidney”

10:35-10:55     Alex Vasilevich – TU/e

      “Roadmap for data-driven biomaterial discovery”

10:55-11:15      Coffee break

11:15-11:30      Pamela Habibovic – MERLN
                          “MDR Young Talent Program”


11:30-12:15  Keynote lecture by Joseph Bonventre – Harvard Medical School
                     “From stem cells to kidney organoids to disease modeling and replacement”

12:15-13:45    Lunch and poster session

13:45-15:25    Session 2
Moderated by Aurélie Carlier

13:45-14:05     Eva van Rooij – RMU
                           “Enhancing cardiac delivery of novel therapeutics to stimulate heart repair”

14:05-14:25     Aygul Zengin – MERLN

                                                “Injectable, self-healing mesoporous silica nanocomposite hydrogels with improved mechanical properties”

14:25-14:45     Anthal Smits – TU/e
                           “Towards a mechanistic understanding of materials-driven cardiovascular tissue regeneration”.

14:45-15:05     Florence de Groot – Kuros Biosciences
                           “Osteoinductive ceramics for bone regeneration. From idea to market”

15:05-15:25     Coffee break

15:25-16:00    Rapid Fire talks

Moderated by Joost Sluijter

Bente de Kort – TU/e
“The influence of estrogen on macrophage-driven in situ Tissue Engineering”

            Zeynep Karagöz – MERLN
            “Learning the Secret Language: A Computational Study on ECM-Integrin Communication”

Madison Ainsworth – RMU
”Atmospheric Plasma-Facilitated Protein Immobilisation on 3D-Printed Fibrous Constructs for Chondrogenic Differentiation”

Sana Ansari – TU/e
“Effect of glucose concentration on osteogenic differentiation in vitro in a defined serum substitute medium”

Martina Viola – RMU
“Smart biomaterial for melt electrowriting”

Martijn Kern – MERLN
“3D stem cell-based Wolffian duct models to elucidate the role of epithelial-mesenchymal interaction in branching morphogenesis during early kidney development”

16:00-16:05    Closing remarks

16:05-17:00    Drinks in Theatercafé

17:00               End


The program is available for download as a pdf.

The poster is also available as download.


Poster session

All PhD students and Postdocs are invited to present a poster during the poster session which is combined with the lunch. Poster boards will be available (poster board size: 1000 x 1250 mm).

Travel and directions to the venue

Navigation address: Parade 23, 5211 KL, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

By train:

Utrecht station: 08.14 am from platform 18 or 08.24 am from platform 18

Maastricht station: 07.11 am from platform 4b or 07.31 am from platform 1

Eindhoven station: 08.17 am from platform 6 or 08.27 am from platform 5

Theater aan de Parade is at walking distance from ‘s-Hertogenbosch train station, which will take +/- 15 minutes. Please find the directions here.


(Check the exact schedule at right before you leave)


Registration is now open, please click here.


If you need to change your registration details or have any questions, please send an email to