ESB Webinar Series – “Research Tools”

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We are delighted to announce a webinar of the ESB Webinar Series which will introduce “Research Tools” to enable researchers to collect, organize, analyze, visualize and publicize research outputs.


This webinar will provide an overview of the most important tools from searching the literature to disseminating the researcher’s outputs. The e-skills learned from the workshop are useful across various research disciplines and research institutions.


By the end of this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • More efficiently use the tools that are available on the Net.
  • Evaluate the types of literature that researchers will encounter.
  • Convert the information of the search for a written document.
  • Search and analyze the right journal to submit.
  • Improve their publication’s visibility and impact


The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim who is well-known as the creator of “Research Tools” Box. Dr. Nader holds a PhD in Technology Management from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. Dr. Nader has collected over 700 tools that enable researchers to follow the correct path in research and ultimately produce high-quality research outputs with more accuracy and efficiency. Dr. Nader currently works as a “Research Visibility and Impact” freelancer consultant. Dr. Nader is also an adjunct lecturer at Alzahra University. He was working as a visiting research fellow with the Institute of Management and Research Services (IPPP), the University of Malaya from 2013 to November 2017. His current research interests are University rankings, Open access, Research visibility, Research Tools, and Bibliometrics. Dr. Nader provides assistance and guidance for researchers in disseminating and promoting their research work in order to enhance their research visibility and impact, as well as citations. He believes that the research cycle does not end with publications alone, thus he encourages pro-activeness in the dissemination of research outputs.


The seminar will last 45 minutes and will be followed by 15 minutes of Q/A from the audience. You will have the chance to ask your questions which will be addressed by the speaker at the end of the webinar. However, it would be great if you could send your question in advance while filling out the registration form or by sending it to and/or before the start of the webinar.


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