EMBL-IBEC Winter Conference

EMBL · IBEC Winter Conference on ENGINEERING MULTICELLULAR SYSTEMS – 2nd edition 2022


EMBL and IBEC aim to contribute to the discussion on challenges and opportunities in the expanding field of engineered multicellular systems

Recent breakthroughs in stem cell biology, organ-on-chip assays, 3-D bioprinting, and cell mechanobiology have revolutionized our ability to design and assemble multicellular living systems, from organoids to embryos.

This biennial series of will focus on how engineering multicellular living systems is boosting our understanding of tissue and organ function, with applications in disease modelling, drug screening, and tissue engineering.

The 2nd edition conference will take place in PRBB Auditorium (Barcelona Biomedical Research Park), in Barcelona from 9-11th February 2022. We expect to bring together 150 researchers including stem cell biologists, systems biologists, physicists and engineers.


More information can be found on the EMBL website.