Annual meeting MDR 2020

Annual meeting

On the 19th and the 20th of November, we will host our first digital Annual MDR meeting. The event will be completely virtual, with life stream presentations, pre-recorded presentations, poster pitches, all moderated with a live Q&A. We will use a digital platform that is suitable for all these different settings and can be used on your laptop as well as your mobile phone.

We can announce that we will have 2 keynote lectures scheduled for this year:
Prof. Jan van Hest (TU/e) –  Spinoza price winner 2020
Prof. Viola Vogel (ETZ Zürich) – ISAB member 

In addition we will invite several MDR researchers to give a scientific presentation about their work. All PhD students and Postdocs are invited to present posters and the winners of the Young Talent Incentives 2019 are invited for a short talk.

It will be an exciting two days full of research and networking, don’t miss it!

You can register via:

Whova is an interactive platform which is easy to use on your laptop and your mobile phone, download the app here.