Successful PhD and Postdoc meeting day MDR!

Last Wednesday (6th of November) MDR brought together PhD students and Postdocs involved in the MDR consortium. On this day we had a chance to get to know each other, talk about each other’s research and learn about social media and vloggen! It was a very nice and interesting day with lot’s of positive comments. […]

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Biomaterials meet transcriptomics: the cBiT database

Researchers at the MERLN Institute for Regenerative Medicine recently launched the Compendium for Biomaterial Transcriptomics (cBiT), a new worldwide research database for biomaterial-based trancriptomics studies. At MERLN, Prof. Jan de Boer leads a team of researchers who want to discover what happens in the cell when it interacts with a biomaterial and which factors influence […]

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MDR researchers publish perspective article on Material-Based tissue engineering

Carlijn Bouten (TU/e) and coworkers published a perspective in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. The article entitled ‘Can We Grow Valves Inside the Heart? Perspective on Material-based In Situ Heart Valve Tissue Engineering’ discusses recent advances of material-based in situ heart valve tissue engineering and highlights the most critical issues that remain before clinical application can be expected. […]

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