January 24, 2024

SBMC’s Interview with Prof. dr. Carlijn Bouten on the Hybrid Heart Project

We are thrilled to share exciting news from the heart of our Materials-Driven Regeneration program. Prof. dr. Carlijn Bouten recently featured in an insightful interview conducted by Smart Biomaterials Consortium (SBMC). This discussion highlights the groundbreaking work being spearheaded by Prof. Bouten and her team in the field of regenerative medicine.

As a guiding force in our program, Prof. Bouten’s expertise in cell-matrix interactions and cardiovascular regeneration is paving the way for innovative treatments. Her involvement in the HybridHeart project, a part of the Holland Heart Consortium, exemplifies her commitment to transforming cardiac healthcare. HybridHeart, a biocompatible artificial heart, combines soft robotics and tissue engineering to emulate natural heart functions. This pioneering approach marks a significant milestone in medical technology and patient care.

In her interview with SBMC, Prof. Bouten delves into the challenges and triumphs of developing the HybridHeart. She discusses the collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, the intricacies of merging biological and engineering principles, and the path towards clinical applications. Her insights provide a fascinating glimpse into the future of regenerative medicine and the potential impact on patient lives.

Check out the full interview here.

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