November 2, 2023

MDR presenting “The Human Repair Shop” expo at the Dutch Design Week 2023

Last week, the corridors of TU/e drivers of change Expo at the Dutch Design Week 2023 buzzed with innovation, and we were thrilled to be at its center with our “The Human Repair Shop” expo! From bones, tendon, kidney, to heart valve, blood vessels and cartilage, we delved into the magic of materials-driven regeneration medicine.

Imagine a world where materials play a pivotal role in repairing the human body – from biodegradable implants to advanced wound-healing techniques. That’s the future we’re passionate about, and the response from attendees was truly inspiring.

A huge shoutout to our dedicated team at site and every visitor who engaged with our vision. Your feedback and insights will shape the next steps of our research journey.

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