November 1, 2023

Prof. dr. ir. Wim Hennink Receives Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg Ereprijs 2023

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We are thrilled to announce that Prof. dr. ir. Wim Hennink, emeritus professor of Pharmaceutical Technology, particularly in Polymer Technology at Utrecht University, has been honored with the Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg Ereprijs 2023.

About the Award
The Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg Ereprijs is presented biennially to honor scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of research that has directly or indirectly led to the development of new drugs or the processes surrounding them. This year, the award has been shared among three laureates, demonstrating the high level of competition and the exceptional achievements of each recipient.

Two other Laureates:
Prof. dr. H.W. (Erik) Frijlink, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at the University of Groningen
Prof. dr. J.A. (Joke) Bouwstra, Emeritus Professor of Drug Delivery at Leiden University

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Prof. dr. ir. W.E. (Wim) Hennink and all the other laureates!

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