July 13, 2023

Awardees MDR Young Talent Incentives 2023 announced!

The new awardees of the MDR Young Talent Incentives 2023 were notified this week.
We congratulate 3 winners this year:


  • Dr. Oksana Dudaryeva (UMCU) – “Light-Responsive Programmable Hydrogels For Volumetric Bioprinting Of Cell-Instructive Tissue Models”


  • Dr. Mohammad Rezaeimoghaddam (TU/e) – “Bio-Chemo-Mechanical Modeling of In-Situ Tissue-Engineered Heart Valves: Analyzing Spatial and Temporal Degradation/Adaptation and Cell Deposition on Synthetic Scaffold”


  •  Flurina Staubli (UMCU) – “Scalable and GMP-compliant cartilage microtissue fabrication via collision-based self-assembly of mesenchymal stromal cells”


We look forward to see many exciting results coming from these projects in the upcoming year!


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