May 19, 2022

New gravitation program awarded for MDR researchers at TU/e

Patricia Dankers and Jan van Hest (together with colleagues) were awarded a gravitation program: Interactive Polymeric Materials Research Center

In a truly unique funding outcome, a multidisciplinary project involving only a number of TU/e researchers led by Jan van Hest and Patricia Dankers has been awarded more than 15 million euros in the latest NWO Gravitation awards. The Gravitation funding program aims to provide scientific consortia with the funding needed to become world leaders in their research field. The TU/e researchers will use the funding to establish the Interactive Polymeric Materials Research Center in Eindhoven.

You’ll find polymers in plastic packaging, mobile phones, and medical devices. While polymers have helped society over the past century, current polymeric materials face challenges. And it’s these problems that TU/e researchers in the new Interactive Polymeric Materials (IPM) Research Center, which has just received significant funding as part of NWO’s Gravitation program, plan to solve.

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