March 4, 2022

Introduction MDR PhD student: Maryam Parvizifard

My name is Maryam Parvizifard. I am from Iran. I received my master’s in biomedical engineering with a specialization in Biomaterials from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2020. For my master thesis, I fabricated a 3D nanocomposite scaffold for bone tissue regeneration.

Pursuing my goals in this field, I decided to move abroad for my Ph.D. journey to gain more practical and theoretical knowledge in an international environment. When I surfed the internet for positions, one topic grabbed my attention, which is the next generation of precision biomaterial. I applied for it and fortunately, I was lucky to gain it.

Regarding the research, it is part of the Materials-Driven Regeneration (MDR) Gravitation program and the idea of the first project is to establish an approach for designing and producing next-generation precision biomaterials with fine-tuned properties, particularly for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration, through high-throughput screening of cell/microbiomaterial interactions in a 3D microenvironment. I will do it under the supervision of Dr. Niloofar Tahmasebi and Prof.Dr. Roman Truckenmuller.

During my academic years, I follow one person continuously as my role model in the bone regeneration field. He is Aldo R. Boccaccini. I profoundly believe that he took a big step in bone tissue regeneration.

In my free time, I prefer to read books, go shopping and dance. Moreover, I am so interested in social and environmental activities and doing volunteering involvement to help our globe, protect the environment, and conserve resources. Photography and traveling to explore new things are my pleasurable activities, which I do in my free time.

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