December 21, 2021

Ignasi Jorba Masdéu en Silvia Mihaila awarded with Open Competition Domain Science – XS

The NWO Domain Board Science has awarded 26 applications in the Open Competition Domain Science – XS. Each project could apply for a maximum of 50.000 euros.

Development of an ethical biomaterial for cardiac tissue engineering
dr. I. Jorba Masdéu (TU Eindhoven)

Cardiac tissue engineering with the help of biomaterials is an innovative way to heal the damaged heart after injury. While animal-derived biomaterials are the most promising biomaterial source because they have a similar biological composition to the human heart, they fail to mimic the native biomechanical properties. Moreover, the extensive use of animals to obtain these materials raise significant ethical concerns. In this project, we propose to develop a novel ethical biomaterial with biological and biomechanical properties mimicking the healthy human heart. As a proof of concept, we will test this novel biomaterial by generating 3D bioprinted living cardiac tissues.

An in vitro model of osteocytes remodeling activity in chronic kidney disease
dr. S.M. Mihaila (Universiteit Utrecht)

In a process called remodeling, old bone breaks down and new bone gets built. Osteocytes, the major cells residing in bone, are the master regulators of bone remodeling. In certain diseases, such as chronic kidney disease (CKD), bone remodeling is disturbed resulting in weak and brittle bones. However, little is known on why and how osteocytes are affected by the disease. Here in, we propose the development of an in vitro model of osteocytes activity in CKD-specific conditions. We believe this model will provide insights in osteocytes biology in CKD and will aid in the development of potential therapeutic targets.

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