September 17, 2021

KidneyX Prize for artificial kidney project MI-TRAM

The prestigious KidneyX Prize has been awarded to the research consortium MI-TRAM. The international consortium is developing a small device around a small (5x5mm) chip with which, in principle, all hemodialysis machines in the near future will be able to purify blood much more efficiently, from harmful substances that current equipment can only barely remove. The team, in which researchers Karin Gerritsen, Marianne Verhaar, Leonard van Schelven and Fokko Wieringa from UMC Utrecht participate, can now use the $650,000 prize to take new steps in the development of the chips. The award was presented on September 9th during the KidneyX Summit.

Read all about the project here and have a look at the great pitch video!

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