September 7, 2021

Awardees MDR Young Talent Incentives Program 2021

The winners of the MDR Young Talent Incentives Program!

The goal of the incentives MDR program is to shape future Regenerative Medicine leaders by providing additional opportunities for (international) scientific exchange, career development and training, and specific research support. The program aims to support creative and innovative ideas that have the potential to propel the field.

We want to congratulate this year’s top 3 submitted proposals:

Ms Laura Rijns – “Probing integrin activation using spatially controlled, dual-ligand assemblies”

Mr Nino Chirico – “Reading and writing the cardiac extracellular matrix (ECM); how to correct the misspelled environment”

Dr. Sangita Swapnasrita – “Let’s talk about sex: multi-scale modeling of sex-specific differences in kidney organoid function”

Their research projects will start this year and will be presented at MDR’s Annual meeting.


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