April 8, 2021

We are hiring!

Open postdoc position on developing a next-generation microfluidic platform for culturing complex 3D multicellular assemblies within the framework of the Materials-Driven Regeneration program

At the Department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering of the MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine at Maastricht University, and within the framework of the Materials-Driven Regeneration (MDR) program, we currently have a vacancy for a postdoc in the field of microfluidic three-dimensional (3D) cell culture platforms.

For developing regenerative medicine-based therapies, many in vitro research studies still rely on conventional, two-dimensional (2D) culture systems, which poorly recapitulate the complexity of the 3D (micro)environment of cells and tissues in vivo. Recent developments in 3D culture models rely on self-organization of (stem) cells towards 3D multicellular constructs such as organoids, with a complex tissue architecture and structure, and the ability to reflect the biological functions of tissues. Equipping such culture models with a controlled microenvironment for tissue development and advanced analytical/screening tools is one of the next foreseen challenges in this area. Within this postdoc project, we plan to computationally design and model, (micro)fabricate, and technically and biologically characterize microfluidic 3D cell culture platforms that allows the controlled formation and growth of 3D multicellular (polarized) assemblies such as organoids. The developed culture platform should allow the controlled provision of gradient patterns of soluble factors/biomolecules, and enable throughput screening and high-content imaging in conjunction with cell- or aggregate-level events as responses to the exposition to these factors.

Check out the full vacancy here.


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